Animalido dog beach

Whether you prefer a free or equipped beach, our services will make your holiday so much more enjoyable.

Our beach resort for dogs in Fano is thought for customers who own dogs and love to stay with them.

Now, you can finally spend your holydays accompanied by your pet, be it big or small! You will be surprised by the care for details and a wide array of ad hoc services developed by our team of dog trainers and behavior educators.

Come over and check us out! We are in Fano, a quiet town located on the wonderful Adriatic shore that, in order to tackle the issue of dog abandonment during summer, has increased the number of pet-friendly facilities such as hotels, restaurants and holiday farms.

Animalido's aim is to spread a new attitude towards the protection and respect of our pets and their rights and, at the same time, to think about customers who enjoy travelling, going to the beach and swimming with their dogs.

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