The private beach named Animalido dog beach in Fano is authorized by the competent Municipal Offices as beach equipped to welcome pets.


Entry is permitted to ali pets on condition that they are certified to be in good health. Dogs must be identified with a microchip or tattoo and provided with health documentation (vaccinations booklet) and certificate of registration with the canine registry. The documentation to be submitted is relative to the periodical vaccination policy against the major infectious diseases (distemper, leptospirosis, parvovirus, infectious hepatitis etc...), by no less than 20 days and no more than 12 months, to the prophylaxis against major infective diseases Cedo- or endo-parasites, etc.), by no less than 2 days and no more than 30 days. Dogs must wear a flea collar or equivalent (Frontline, Ad-vantix, ...). Moreover, dogs coming from abroad must meet the requirements provided by the EC Reg. 998/2003, that must demonstrated through appropriate documentation.


Access to the beach is forbidden to dogs subject to restrictive measures related to the protection of public safety, as well as to dogs classified "high in potential risk" enlisted in the O.M. register March 2019 and subsequent amendments.
Access is however forbidden to aggressive animals and females in oestrus phase. It is also forbidden to leave the dogs unattended and free to roam.


Access is however forbidden to aggressive animals and females in oestrus phase. It is also forbidden to leave the dogs unattended and free to roam.


Dogs can bathe within the sea area delimited by buoys.


Immediately after bathing, dogs must promptly be secured on a leash. While the dogs bathe in the water, the owners or keepers presence must always be ensured.


The beach area where pets are welcomed coincides with the entire extension of the private beach. The limits beyond which the animals presence is not allowed are delimited by suitable signs and fences.


We strongly encourage you to respect these boundaries. (Excluded from this prohibition are rescue dogs on a leash engaged in the rescue service and guide dogs for the blind).


When accessing this private beach and inside the reserved areas, the dog owner or keeper is always responsible for the welfare, the control and the conduction of the animai. He/She is civilly and criminally liable of any damage or injury to persons, animals and properties caused by the animai itself.


In order to prevent damages or injuries to persons, animals or properties, the dog keeper must: lead the dog with lo an adeguate leash, always keep a rigid or soft muzzle at hand (not worn, but ready to be applied to the dog in case of risk to the safety of people or animals or on request of the competent authorities).


This private beach is equipped with a quick and efficient distribution system for spades and bags to be used to to collect faeces, which the dogs owners have to promptly remove using the appropriate waste containers placed within the area, while urine must be diluted and washed with plenty of water by the pet keeper.


Pets are forbidden to access to and water from the showers, if not specially dedicated to this purpose and thus signaled. Dogs are allowed to access the sprayed water area and the toilet area dedicated to them.


Our staff will determine which umbrella to assign to you and will be entitled to make any necessary change in case of incompatibility between animals.


The availability of a veterinary is ensured. At the reception you can find a first aid point, also veterinary, where we are at your disposal for any eventuality.


In the event of failure to comply with this regulation, in case of misconduct, maltreatment or lack of compliance with laws relating to the protection of animals, the direction reserves the right to immediately expel from the beach and the faculty to immediately contact the competent authorities.


This regulation has been conceived to safeguard the peaceful coexistence in this particular context, considering the specific needs of tranquillity and safety of all users.